What is a Tarot Deck?

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What is a tarot deck?

A tarot deck is a collection of archetypes and ideas, presented as images with accompanying textual descriptions, that people use to

  • Tell fortunes
  • Engage in Jungian psychological healing/exploration
  • Practice their spirituality

Where did the tarot come from?

The tarot deck emerged out of the Italian renaissance courts. It was picked up by 18th century Freemasons who inscribed it with what Michael Sharp calls old energy archetypes.

For the academic research that backs up this statement, read Michael’s published scholarly article, The Sociology of Tarot.

Sociology of Tarot article

What is an Old Energy Tarot?

According to Michael Sharp, an old energy archetype is an archetype/idea that conveys/legitimizes

  • Hierarchy
  • Power
  • Privilege
  • Disconnection
  • Enslavement
  • War

If the deck contains a fool, devil, or judgment, or if it justifies hierarchy and submission, it is an old energy deck.

What is a New Energy Archetype?

According to Michael Sharp, a new energy archetype is an archetype/idea that conveys/encourages

  • Equality
  • Unity
  • Connection
  • Peace
  • Collective creation

If a deck speaks of joy, mastery, creation, realization, empowerment, emancipation, etc., it is a new energy deck.

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