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Nothing speaks to the difference between the old energy and the new energy like the difference between the Halo/Sharp Promise card, and the Rider-Waite judgment card. The Judgment card shows people waking up out of a coffin to the sound of Gabriel’s trumpet. Fine as far as this goes, except when you remember that the old energy message is that Judgment passes only a few. Only the “chosen ones” move forward and our honorde. The rest are simply cast out to burn. But this is not so and to even suggest it is the low and grave sacrilege. In the Triumph of Spirit promise card, in the “promised paradise” card, we all sacrifice and suffer in equal measure, and we are all promised commensurate reward. When the end is finally here, everybody, regardless of gender, skin color, or body choice, gets to rejoice. It is as simple and glorious as that.

Michael S.

Author Michael S.

Michael S. (Dr. S.) is a scientist, sociologist, author, mystic, and mystical poet whose interests are human psychology, human society, spirituality, consciousness, global pedagogy, and global transformation. He's busy writing about a dozen books all of which are aimed at enlightening the people and transforming the planet in line with the purpose, and for the benefit of, all. Visit his academic profile or his academia.com website, read some of his scholarly papers, view his video Money Moksha, and read his economically enlightening book, Rocket Scientists' Guide to Money and the Economy.

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