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Altered States versus Connected States

By October 1, 2017Instructions

I was having a conversation with an LP student today about how to use the Triumph of Spirit Archetypes in meditative practice. I was saying that for best effect you needed to be open, trusting, and unafraid. Questioning the mechanics of the system, he asked if there was meaning in the appearance of the cards. I said

If you draw or select cards while in a sacred space, i.e. with intent to heal/transform, the selection will not be random.

After this he asked if the cards were “supposed to highlight work to be done with understanding of the archetype that is holding you back,” to which I replied:

┬áIn a connected state, an archetype card will help you focus and download new energy archetypes and information. The card will help you “reprogram” your Bodily Ego. Depending on how trusting open you are, the archetypes can work miracles.

To which he said, “Ok, so it even works better in altered states of consciousness?”

To which I replied…

Not altered, connected. It works best in connected states of consciousness. Very important difference in conceptualization.

To which he replied, “You need to coin the term.”

So, here I am, coining the term.

The Triumph of Spirit Archetypes work best in Connected states of Consciousness. Entheogens, or what I prefer to call Connection Supplements, can efficiently and quickly facilitate that connection; but, as I point out in my article entitled The Science of Ascension, meditative practice can do so as well. What methods you choose depend, I suppose, on whether you are in a hurry, or not.

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