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Triumph of Spirit

A R/Evolutionary New Energy Archetype System

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The Triumph of Spirit Tarot

The Triumph of Spirit is an r/evolutionary New Energy archetype system. The system breaks with Masonic Archetypes (in particular as expressed through the Tarot), removes all vestiges of elite ideology, and presents a global and universal set of archetypes capable of replacing outmoded and ancient conceptualizations with ideas and archetypes capable of awakening humanity and uplifting the planet.

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Triumph of Spirit Tarot

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There is no cost for exploration. Simply download the book, download the high resolution images, print the cards on card stock, and begin your exploration. Use theĀ Triumph of SpiritĀ cards for personal spiritual exploration or in healing/intuitive practice. Help yourself and/or help others.

If you like, you can also explore the archetypes online and read the blog entries for further insight and analysis. Sign up for the Lightning Path Triumph of Spirit newsletter below.

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